About Us

AMS Billing is a leader in property utility billing management and has built its business based on integrity, superior customer service and teamwork. Specializing in utility billing, sub-metering and conservation, AMS Billing offers a suite of products and services to fit each customer’s needs.

Utility Billing Services

Regardless of the size or architecture of your facility, AMS can work with you to add value to your property and increase your bottom line. Allow AMS to manage your utility billing service so that you can focus on whatever is important to you!

Simple & Effective Solutions

AMS’ simplified utility billing system enables property managers to have more time to spend focusing on managing property.

Low Cost

Most other utility billing companies overcharge customers in the form of billing fees. AMS offers its utility bill services at nominal cost and in most cases; this comes as $0 cost to the property.

Integrated Utility Management Solution

Alliance UMS is the first of its kind, built on a multifamily friendly platform and is fully integrated with our utility billing system software.  This prevents the discrepancies that others have when it comes to the Utility Analytics Reporting failing to balance to the Utility Billing Reports.

Comprehensive In-House Solutions

Unlike other utility billing companies, there is no outsourcing with the services offered by AMS. AMS is therefore able to streamline its service resulting in process time to be shorter and quality to be higher.

Responsible Customer Service

AMS provides timely and accurate billing services and utility management along with customer-centric features like online reports, resident auto-pay, call center for payment processing and billing inquiries, guaranteed maintenance, etc

AMS Billing Services has built its client relationships based on integrity and a commitment to excellence in customer service.