Frequently Asked Questions

Given that many customers share similar questions, answers to most frequently asked questions (FAQs) have been listed here to assist you.

What will the billing cycle be?

The billing cycle is normally monthly; however, there are instances where billing occurs bimonthly based upon the local provider’s normal billing cycle.

How are charges allocated?

AMS can measure individual unit usage if there is a submeter located with the unit. AMS does offer the service of “submetering” your property if you choose this method to distribute charges. However if your property is not submetered and you prefer not to make a capital investment in submetering, AMS will apply an industry-accepted, mathematical formula to the property bill to allocate the charges to each individual unit. This formula can include a combination of the following variables: residents per unit (occupancy), number of bathrooms, and square footage. This is called RUBS or Ratio Utility Billing Service.

Do I need a utility deposit?

NO, there is no additional deposit required for utilities, you will just have to pay your monthly utility charges as per the statements issued to you.

How is my bill calculated, if there is no personal meter installed at my apartment home?

Ratio Utility Billing (RUBS) is a mathematical formula used to determine each resident’s utility expense in case submeters are not/cannot be installed. This formula can be based on the number of occupants per apartment and/or square footage of the apartment.

How can I be sure about the fairness of the RUBS billing method?

The RUBS method is accepted by state legislations and has been proven reliable.

How can I reduce my consumption?


Conserving water in the home should be a priority for everyone. One drip of water can waste 20 gallons a day or a whopping 7,300 gallons a year. The information below is provided to help you determine how you can be more conservation conscious in your own home.


Water Fixture Water Consumption

Dishwasher 15 gallons per cycle

Clothes Washer 25-35 gallons per cycle

Toilet 1.6-7 gallons per use

Basin Faucets 2-5 gallons per minute

Shower 5-15 gallons per minute

Bath 25 gallons average

Outdoor Hose 5-10 gallons per minute

Plenty conservation tips are available on www.watermatters.org

Kindly refer the “Additional Resources” à “Tips” section.

Will I have to pay a monthly service fee besides the utility charges?

All utility companies charge a billing fee, which is a nominal and covers our cost of operation. Depending on the state regulations, these fees are either payable by the property or are passed on to the tenants.

Will I still have to pay a utility bill if I’m out of town?

Residents billed by RUBS method will have to pay the pro-rata share of the utility regardless of consumption since it is a proportionate allocation plan.

Will I be charged a “late fee” if I miss my payment due date?

Your account will be subject to a late fee if your payment is not received by the payment due date noted on your bill.

Whom should I contact about my utility bill inquiries?

You can call the Customer Service Number : 877.358.1253 and speak to a our customer care representatives to have your queries answered, make a payment, etc.

You can also email us at info@amsbilling.com

How can I sign-up for e-billing?

E-billing can be activated for your account by logging-in to your personal online account. You can call our customer service number: 877.358.1253 if you require assistance.

What resident payment options does AMS offer?

With Bill and Remit, residents can mail their payments to AMS using the remittance slip within each bill. They can also go online and make a payment by check or credit card at www.amsbilling.com. Residents can also use PayNearMe inside 8,600 ACE Cash Express & 7-Eleven locations nationwide.
For Bill No Collect, residents are required to make their payment directly to the property management office.

Can my utility bill be paid directly out of my bank account every month?

Yes, our “AutoPay” payment service allows your monthly utility bill charges to be deducted directly from your bank account in a secure manner. However, this service requires a one-time activation from your end. Simply download the “Autopay” application from our website after logging in.

Can I choose to appoint AMS to handle only one component of the services offered?

Sure, AMS allows customers to pick whatever services you desire and builds customized packages according to your need.

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