AMS Billing receives copies of the “main meter” utility statements sent by local municipalities on a monthly basis and uses these to divide the charges among individual units.

AMS allocates and distributes charges to each individual unit following RUBS (Ratio Utility Billing Service) or SUBMETERING method.

AMS prepares separate itemized, accurate statements for each resident in accordance with your preference as well as state regulatory compliance and mails them in a timely manner.


Flexible bill payment service allows residents to make their payments to AMS by mail, phone, online or by using PayNearMe at 7-Eleven locations. AMS then disburses money received to each respective property, less the billing fees.

Residents can also make their payment directly to the property management office if preferred by the managing authority.


AMS invoices the property for the billing fees, which are typically passed on to the residents in states where regulations allow, resulting in no charge to the property.

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