AMS Billing provides brilliant community utility billing services that are beneficial to our clients in more than one way. Either SUBMETERING or RUBS methods of billing are used for calculation of monthly individual bills.

AMS manages and bills residents for water, sewer, gas, electricity, trash, cable, rent, internet, pet fees, pest control, storage, parking, garages and more! Depending on the preferred type of bill, residents can receive all applicable monthly charges on one consolidated bill.

Invoices are delivered via mail, e-mail (e-bill notification) and/or online. For AMS clients who are Bill And Remit, each statement includes a payment stub and return envelope.

You can pick from several kinds of billing methods based on your needs:

Postcards are mailed to the resident, detailing the monthly-allocated utility charges. Residents remit payments directly to the property management office.
Full-page statements are sent to each resident detailing their allocated charges for the period. Residents remit payments to AMS, either online or by mail. AMS then sends money received to each respective property, less the billing fees. In most states where regulations allow, fees are generally passed on to the residents, so there is often no charge to the property.
Convergent billing
AMS offers consolidated billing, which allows all other applicable monthly charges such as rent charges, trash fees, pet fees, cable fees, internet charges, garage fees, etc. to be displayed on the bills as well. AMS then invoices the properties for the billing fees which are usually passed on to the residents, resulting in no charge to the property, where regulations allow.

We also understand that well-suited resident payment options are vital to successful collection and contented customers. Paying your bill has never been easier, thanks to the range of convenient bill payment services offered by us.

Payment modes include:

  • Mail
  • Phone
  • Online
  • AutoPay
  • PayNearMe at 7-Eleven locations
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