Cashflow™ represents an industry leading payment solution, providing residents and tenants with more options than ever before, whilst presenting new tools and services that generate a consistent cash flow for our clients.

• Cashflow ™ enables funds to be routed to our clients account within 72hrs, with all relevant operator fees removed prior to deposit, presenting a ‘hands off’ approach to payment collection.

• This service provides a comprehensive selection of payment methods, thus allowing AMS to process resident payments in the form of cash, e-check, online, autopay, mobile, phone, and credit card. (pin)

• AMS has strategic partnerships with PayNearMe and First Data to facilitate simplified cash payment collection at 18,000 locations throughout the U.S, at convenient locations such as 7-11, Family Dollar, and Ace Cash Express, as well as offer best in class merchant account services for credit card processing and online electronic checks.


By selecting our Cashflow™ service, your residents will be presented with an array of payment options. Whether your residents choose to pay online via e-check or credit card, pay cash at one of our 18,000 national payment centers, or send us a check or money order through the mail, you will receive your funds quickly and accurately, deposited directly into your bank account through our secure gateway.

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