Accept CASH rent payments with AMS and PayNearMe

  • Residents can pay cash at more than 20,000 locations
  • 7-Eleven, CVS, and Ace Cash Express
  • Nationwide Cash Payment Centers
  • Convergent Billing Available
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Accept CASH rent payments, guaranteed

Electronic rent collection with AMS Billing and PayNearMe is a guaranteed, convenient and effective, method of collecting your residents/tenants rent payments in cash. With its easy set-up, payment guarantee and national payment locations, many open 24/7, PayNearMe is the clear choice for AMS when it comes to cash collection.

Utilizing PayNearMe enables AMS to offer our clients the option of outsourcing cash payment collections.

PayNearMe cash payments are:

  • Guaranteed
  • Don’t have any risk of chargebacks or disputes
  • National, with a nationwide network of payment locations, some open 24/7
  • More likely to be on-time, reducing late and partial payments from residents

Cash payments also translate into no chargebacks or disputed payments from residents. PayNearMe and AMS enable you to start accepting cash payments from your residents now trouble-free. With a national network of payment locations such as 7 Eleven, CVS, and Ace Cash Express, your residents are provided with a simple and convenient way to pay their rent in cash.

Checks and money orders often get lost or misplaced and bank transfers can be a hassle. PayNearMe eliminates these issues and presents a straightforward process for collecting rent payments, while eliminating office traffic and manual collection of rent.

When engaging with the PayNearMe service, through AMS, the property is notified instantly when payments have been made and the funds are deposited into your account, guaranteed.

This virtually effortless approach to rent collection allows property managers to return their attention to the core operations of their property.

There is a one time $150 enrollment fee to get started.

AMS can also assist you with:
  • Convergent Billing
  • Utility Billing
  • Sub Metering/RUBS
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Invoice Processing
  • Utility & Rent payments
  • Analytics

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