The conservation of natural resources

The conservation of natural resources is becoming one of the most important issues that we face, and AMS Billing has been focused for more than 20 years on the tools and techniques to allow Property Managers not only to conserve resources, but to do so with little or no costs. This “direct billing method”, has proven to be the most effective way in which to recapture utilities revenue from multi-family communities. While providing an effective means of reimbursement for the community owner, this service also provides the resident with the means in which to monitor charges, track consumption and maximize conservation efforts.

In 2003, After years of advocacy by NAA/NMHC, the EPA agreed that submetering encourages water conservation efforts and that EPA rules subjecting apartments that install submeters to public utility system regulations discouraged owners from installing meters. This decision led to changes that allowed communities to install submeters, and to accurately and fairly past the costs of metered utilities to the residents.

In addition to water conservation through submetering, AMS Billing has allowed its customers to realize similar cost savings for virtually all metered resources, including Natural Gas and Electricity.
AMS Billing can also provide direct billing services for virtually any fees that are charged to the resident, from Cable Television to Trash Collection, Garage Rental to Common Area Maintenance Fees, AMS Billing allows Property Managers to monetize their resources across the board.

In an effort to keep rental rates competitive, most owners are now making their metered utilities and other services the residents responsibility. AMS Billing is ready to provide a full service solution from calculation of costs; billing for utilities, services, and fees; collection of payments; and distribution of funds; AMS Billing.

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