Architect™ is the pathway to the Unity™ platform and is comparable to a virtual sales consultant. Architect™ is an advanced configuration tool, designed by AMS developers, intended to provide our clients the unique opportunity to design their own package. By utilizing this creation tool, our users become the architect of their own convergent billing suite. Harnessing the power of Architect™, our users can observe the price scale, and settle on an area of financial and contractual comfort.

    • Architect™ guides our users through all options available under the Unity™ platform.
    • It allows our clients to customize their solution, choosing only the options that fit their organizations needs.
    • Architect™ promotes pricing entirely based on our users’ option choice, the size of their overall portfolio, and desired length of their agreement.
    • This tool is not a one size fits all approach to suite building, instead presents the ability to select and pay for only the options required.

Architect™ is entirely unique to the utility billing market, giving our users power to engage in the Beyond Billing experience, while simultaneously allowing our subscribers to develop a tailored approach to billing and payment, by selecting the specific services required—thus, an ultimate level of choice is returned to the hands of our clients.

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