Performa™ brings business intelligence to the Unity™ platform in the form of a sophisticated productivity tool, enabling our users to visualize accurate performance analytics through graphs, charts, and data exports, reflecting the state of their portfolio.

• The Performa™ dashboard graphically displays analytics for key performance indicators.
• It provides crucial decision support, operational insight, and projection analysis.
• This includes a one click export to Microsoft Excel or Comma Separated Values to allow deeper analysis, utilizing any external tools of choice.
• Performa™ furnishes our clients with the ability to pro-actively monitor their entire portfolio’s performance, maximizing efficiency, cutting costs, and reducing waste.
• It provides a visualization of your monthly billing and payment cycle, allowing for ‘at a glance’ review of metrics.

The Performa ™dashboard provides our clients with visual representation of the behavior of their business over a pre-determined time frame, as well as allowing opportunity for stakeholders to utilize the system’s capabilities to produce decision support data, operational insight, and projection analysis. Performa™ presents an invaluable tool for our clients to identify and monitor trends and become well versed in the rhythm and patterns of their portfolio.

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