UnitySubmetering™ encapsulates the process by which utility billing charges are distributed accurately and reflects the allocation method that has been adopted by AMS in order to provide sub-metering, as well as ratio utility billing system (RUBS) options to our users. UnitySubmetering™ ensures that utility charges are equitably distributed among your residents and tenants. Whether your property has submeters or utilizes RUBS, UnitySubmetering™ provides the ability to recapture all utility expenses.

  • UnitySubmetering™ is able to improve and maximize efficiency; as well as resident satisfaction.
  • This service speaks to the growing awareness of conservation, and encourages the implementation of responsible usage by residents.
  • It also generates the potential to increase property value, having a positive impact on CAP rate, a reduction of waste, and a quick return on investment.

If your property has an existing sub-metering solution, AMS can leverage its readings for proper distribution of charges. If not, AMS can instead either price and install a metering solution designed for your property, or structure a ratio utility billing method to ensure that you fairly recapture your expenses each month. In addition, our SimplyCompliant™ team can work with you to ensure that your property’s common area usage is properly billed, based on the state and local ordinances of each property within your portfolio.

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