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The Fountain Hills Town Council recently approved a $3 per month ($36 per year) environmental fee for each parcel of land in Fountain Hills. AMS Billing Services has been selected by the Town to invoice and collect this environmental fee from its residents. AMS Billing Services provides a broad array of payment options and methods, allowing the Town of Fountain Hills residents to make their payments with ease. This new environmental fee will assist the Town in staying compliant with federal and state mandates. The revenue generated from this fee will support many environmental programs in the area. Included in these mandated programs are: street sweeping, dust control, dam inspection and securing EPA/ADEQ permits. In addition the fee will also aid in the payment of safety implementations such as storm water management, wash drainage and maintenance, on- call storm damage clean up, and a household hazardous waste collection day for residents.
You can contact the company by email: fountainhills@amsbilling.com with any questions.

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