Our commitment towards simplifying your Utility Billing Process!

Most multi-tenant properties tend to have one “main meter” installed that tracks the monthly consumption of utilities for multiple tenants. However, as the property is billed with a single bill it involves considerable effort on the property owner/manager’s end to further split the charges among tenants, collect the fees, etc.

This can be tedious, time-consuming and most often unfeasible to operational and administrative productivity. This is where AMS Billing comes in! Attributable to years of experience in the field of utility billing systems, AMS has the competence and technology to streamline your utility billing process so that it becomes systematic and economically sound.

AMS Billing provides effective utility management solutions for utilities like water, gas, electricity, etc. and helps separate utility costs from general rental fees. By introducing fair utility billing service and efficient collection of utility fees, AMS works to your benefit and reduces your stress.  AMS enables allocation of monthly utility resulting in long term saving benefits for both owners and tenants.

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