AMS is stepping forward within the industry and staying ahead of the trends with its implementation of industry revolutionizing technology, services, and options.

With near twenty years in the industry, AMS has crafted its business around the needs and demands put on our clients, providing them with flexibility, choice, and a highly polished level of service.

In addition to cutting edge technology such as Architect, our virtual sales assistant, or the utilization of our virtual personal assistant when engaging in our LiveAssist™ service, we also understand the importance of personal touch and strong communication. If you contact AMS, you will hear from us within hours. This method of business is deemed old fashioned, as this way of doing business has been swallowed up by the fast moving technology of the age, but AMS feels both are required to build relationships and keep our business thriving. You can expect both ground breaking technology and devoted customer service when doing business with AMS.

Our mission is to provide flexibility and options to our clients with the best services and most advanced technology in the industry.

AMS provides our clients with the Beyond Billing Experience.

This represents our ability and desire to take you beyond what you would expect from a billing company. We will adapt to meet your needs and expectations for you to reach a perfect billing package.